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MCC manufactures a several type of bars from premium "Falcon Bar", to the more functional "Classic Bar", as well as tough Australian design "Rocker Bar".Our engineering team has brought you the new features aimed at making remote area travel safer, stronger and appealing feature to suit your life style.

Choose the style of bars that most suited to your requirements and you may view the different styles of bars from the list below, or view the pictures of the vehicle fitted with the bar from our gallery.


Please note: All Images are for illustrative purposes only and are included only as a guide to basic style.

Actual product supplied may therefore differ in design and detail to suit particular model of a vehicle.

PHOENIX BAR MCC 808- 02 Steel A-frame style

[Also available in Aluminium]

PHOENIX BAR MCC 808- 01 Stainless Steel Triple Loops Design

[Also available in Aluminium]

(Optional Black single loop or Stainless steel single loop available)





FALCON BAR MCC707- 01 Stainless Steel Triple Loops Design

[Also available in Aluminium]



FALCON BAR MCC707- 01 Single Loop ( Black steel or Stainless steel option)



FALCON BAR MCC 707- 02 Steel A-Frame style [Also available in Aluminium]



ROCKER BAR MCC 078- 01 Uniques Tough Australian Design (No loop)


ROCKER BAR MCC 078- 02 (Tripple loops) Uniques Tough Australian Design




New fog light design for year 2010 on unique shape of plastic frame cover fog light incorporates with bigger fog light for foul weather conditions.
Each bull bar upright is cut from quality steel and extends from the top tube through the bumper section and actually forms part of the chassis mount. You can ensure the whole outer frame receives the maximum possible support.

Falcon Bar and vast majority of MCC bars incorporate two CB aerial brackets, weld behind the top cross tube. For your vehicle mounted aerials when you are traveling in remote area.
Polyurethane cushion for better protection support hitting.

The mounting system - the most important part of a bull bar design. MCC's mounting system are designed to spread impact and winching loads evenly over the vehicle chassis, ensuring the bull bar functions properly in extreme circumstances.
MCC has designed a separate winch bed for your winch to avoid overloading work of bumper.

Falcon bar and most of MCC bull bars designs incorporate T Hi-lift jacking points neatly positioned in the centre pan, allows a Hi-Lift jack to be mounted directly onto the bar and eliminating the need for a mounting bracket. These points also enable easier access to the clutch lever when unspooling the wire rope before winching.
The split air pan system- ensures the radiator received a massive amount of airflow and actually further increase the strength of the bar.

Spotlight mounting point located at the proper position to enhance your driving vision.
“MCC logo” – the guarantee of high quality and unique design. All of MCC products has been designed with the latest CAD/CAM, also utilizing the most modern equipment and machinery e.g. lacer cutting, CNC bending, machining and turning, powder coating and spray painting centers.



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